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Green Gold - Coffee Special

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    9 days / 8 nights
    • Beautiful views on mount Wenchi at 3380 M
    • Kaffa – the Birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia
    • Coffee farms in Kaffa, Bonga, Bebeka and Agaro
    • The Wolega museum which offers a very interesting insight in the life and culture of the Oromo people in this region.
    • Ambo – visit the waterfall and enjoy the bird paradise
    Tour brochure
    • Day 1
      Locations Addis - Wenchi - Weliso
      Overnight Negash Lodge

      We will commence our tour to the western and southern parts of the country by driving to mount Wenchi a volcanic formation some distance from the town of Ambo. The dense forest of the mountain and the beautiful crater at the top make the area attractive. We will climb the hill to admire the scenery and to have a visit to the 500 years old monastery of Wenchi Chircos. After a full day visit to the 3,380m mount Wenchi we will climb down the hill and drive to Weliso,drive to weliso, the home of the Gurage people on the main Addis Ababa Jimma road.

    • Day 2
      Locations Weliso – Wenchi
      Overnight Negash Lodge

      Today you will have a day excursion to the 3385m high Vulcano ‘Wolchi’. After enjoying the view over the idyllical crater lake with its islands and Kirkos Monastery, we will carry on to the lake by foot or mule. We will reach the Monastery Island with its treasures by boat.

    • Day 3
      Locations Wenchi – Jimma
      Overnight Honey land Hotel

      Drive southwards to Jimma after breakfast. Pass the town of Wolkite, the zonal capital of the Gurage, we will start to drive in the Gibe goorge. Look down the valleys which were cut by one of the mighty rivers of the country, the river Gibe. The river is used to generate hydro electric power for the country in three different areas. You will have a good view of the river from the bridge built in the middle of the gorge. Look at the traditional housings of the locals as we drive to Jimma.

    • Day 4
      Locations Jimma – Bonga
      Overnight Coffee Land Hotel

      On this day we will have an excursion drive to Kaffa, a place which for the first time offered the world something that billions use in their everyday life and something that many peoplecannot go on without, coffee. The word Coffee is thereforederived from the name Kaffa. Test the coffee at its birth place surrounded by dense coffee plantations under the big indigenous trees. We will visit such kinds of coffee plantations in Bonga,the center of Kaffa and once an important political center of the country. On our way back to Jimma, we will stop at Wushwush to visit an eponymous tea farm which produces one of the most famous teas of the country.

    • Day 5
      Locations Bonga- Mizan Teferi
      Overnight Salayesh Hote

      On this day after breakfast drive to Mizan Teferi. Drive on the less used route in the Ethiopian tour itineraries and enjoy the open savannah and acacia woodland which supports a good number of birds. Continue driving west to Mizan teferiand see the Bench people on your way.

    • Day 6
      Locations Mizan Teferi - Jimma
      Overnight Honey land Hotel

      Drive some 35 KM to the vast coffee farm of Bebeka, the vegetation and the landscape will be different as we get closer to the coffee plantation town of Bebeka

    • Day 7
      Locations Jimma - Nekemte
      Overnight Benori Hotel

      On this day we will leave Jimma, the major town of the western half of the country and the seat of one of the most powerful regional lords of the country in the late 19th and early 20th century, to Nekemte.The road leads through Agaro in the land of coffee plantations. This is the home of the Oromo as well as the Bench people. Nowadays, Oromo and Amhara people are successful farmers and beekeepers. On the way you will explore the tropical rainforest by foot, the forest was included in the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves as the world’s biggest coffee forest. This forest has the highest variety of wild coffee. Continue the way to Nekemte, on the way is Bedele ataround 2.000m, here we will visit a brewery. Further along the way through beautiful tropical forests, we cross the Didesa river and visit a spectacular waterfall in the area. Nekemte is an important trade place between the capital and Sudan. The Wolega museum offers a very interesting insight in the life and culture of the Oromo people in this region.

    • Day 8
      Locations Nekemte - Ambo
      Overnight Abebech Metaferia Hotel

      The coffee plantations are traded in for vineyards. The drive in the direction of Ambo through the fertile highland of the Matcha-Oromo are interrupted with a visit of the Guder waterfalls. Soon we will reach Ambo with its hot springs. The area of the hot springs is also a bird paradise. In ambo you will find Italian style built houses from the Italian’sunsuccessfulattempt to colonize Ethopia.

    • Day 9
      Locations mbo - Addis Alem - Addis Abeba
      Overnight Departure

      Our first stop today is Addis Alem, the ‘New World’. Menelik (1889-1913) transformed his nearly finished palace into a church: Debre Zion. The church offers wall paintings with series of Ethiopian rulers, saints, plants and wild animals. After Addis Alem, we will bypass the Gefersa-Reserve which supplies Addis Ababa with water and is inhibited by geese and pelicans; soon after this we will reach Addis. In the afternoon, after lunch we will have a city tour which will include the Archaeological Museum where, among other archaeological findings, the oldest hominid fossil (Lucy) is exhibited; the Ethnological Museum in the former palace of Emperor Haile Sillassie, and Merkato which is the largest open-air market in Africa. In the evening you will be taken to one of the best traditional restaurant in the town to be invited for dinner. After dinner you will be transferred to the airport for your final flight back home.

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    Coffee Yirgalem 2
    Coffee Yirgalem 2
    Coffee ceremony - (photo by Mielke)
    Coffee ceremony - (photo by Mielke)
    Coffee roasting - (photo by Mielke)
    Coffee roasting - (photo by Mielke)
    Coffee roasting
    Coffee roasting
    Cover Photo - Coffee beans
    Cover Photo - Coffee beans
    coffee yirgalem 3
    coffee yirgalem 3
    coffee yirgalem 4
    coffee yirgalem 4