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We are the #1 tour operation company in Ethiopia

Paradise Ethiopia Travel is the leading name amongst the reliable top tour operators in Ethiopia. We are well recognized and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia and excels in making trip planning a cakewalk for you. We are very proud to take you closer to our people, our culture and our gifted land.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Paradise Ethiopia Travel is pillared on the following seven major tenets, which are our philosophy of operations. We respect them, and we abide ourselves into them so that we hold on the highest quality of tourism services. The fact that all our staff are well informed about our philosophy and have internalized them, we are proud to be the top tour operating company in the country.
We command ourselves to design the best possible itineraries according to the needs of our customers in such a way that we incorporate all possible places of attractions and sites that can be covered with in the time that our customer may have and respect the needs and requests of the customer. We also declare to give the best and as detail information as possible about the programs and sites in it, and answer to any question the customer might have with great diligence and esteem. Furthermore, we strive hard to make our itineraries as unique as possible and workout to design new discovery and innovative tours.
We command ourselves to make all the necessary arrangements, make proper bookings and assign the right staff to handle the trip from the beginning to the end in a professional and responsible manner. We also follow-up and make sure that the trips go according to the agreed service provision with the customer and keep constant contact with the customer and the guides, drivers and other staff during the trip. We take all the commitment to ensure the trips generally run with superior quality and high standard of service.
We commit ourselves to satisfy our customers to the best of our capacity. Paradise Ethiopia Travel’s prior objective is that the customer is satisfied and returns back home with millions of memories and unforgettable time to tell friends and families. Our customer is our king! We respect and serve our customers to the best of our capacity and knowledge. We determine ourselves to work hard to make our customer a good friend of Ethiopia, a member of the big Paradise Ethiopia Travel family and our lifetime partner in promoting Ethiopia and our services.
We all at Paradise Ethiopia Travel know that our country’s image in the west is not really the same as the reality. We, therefore, strive hard to change the negative image that Ethiopia has through the provision of excellent tours and real Ethiopian way of customer handling. We do no cover-ups but expose the reality; speak no lies but the truth, and never act indifferently but behave as responsible Ethiopians in every regard. We believe that we are here to bring a change of the negative image that Ethiopia has through hard work and exposing the various tourism potential it uniquely has.
As a tour operator, we believe that we are a key element in the tourism system and that we are the link between the tourist and the destination. We are in many ways the key to achieving more sustainable forms of tourism. Therefore, we commit ourselves to adopt all dimensions sustainability practices (the environmental, social cultural and economic) in all our activities. Our main goal of sustainable tourism is to develop and manage tourism related activities and services in a way that conserves the character of our heritages, benefits local communities and preserves the resources and attractions that make destination Ethiopia the most desirable place to visit and live in. We violently move to achieve this through running responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people, through organizing environmentally friendly travel that emphasizes seeing and saving natural habitats and historical treasures, and through encouraging heritage and environmental preservation and enhancement programs.
Conservation is at the foundation of our business, is the preservation and careful management of the environment and of natural resources. This applies to the way we consume resources in our everyday lives, as well as to the protection of biodiversity within natural ecosystems. The continued existence of human life is dependent on conservation because our air, food and water requirements are inextricably linked to the state of our environment. Conservation is not a 'nice-to-have' - it is critical for the maintenance of functioning ecosystems that support all life on Earth.
We commend ourselves for organizing authentic travel experiences for our guests with a noble idea of give something back to the communities. From the time of our inception, our mission has been to help people and communities thrive through solutions, not handouts. We do this by providing the resources and opportunities for local people in the areas we serve to develop and strengthen their communities, and our network of travelers provide these communities with the long-term income to make these solutions sustainable. We have adopted an ethical approach in our effort to improve the living conditions of the people. This social responsibility is demonstrated through employing local community members, planting trees, supporting families, and donating money to schools, health centers, etc. We consider ourselves as catalyst for change.

Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Since 1997 (for more than 23 years), Paradise Ethiopia Travel has been making its mark as a reputed travel company and a destination management expert. As a private, wholly Ethiopian owned company, with branch offices across the country, a modern fleet of vehicles, and a team of young, professional and multi-lingual tourist guides, drivers and cooks, Paradise Ethiopia Travel organizes package tours, tailor made holidays, car hire, hotel reservations, tourism consultancy services and is committed to the satisfaction of customers who want to explore this amazing country and the Horn of Africa. We have as large fleet of comfortable new model 4x4 vehicles and buses considered among the best to explore the country’s rugged mountainous terrain, the muddy and sandy lowlands of the Omo Valley and the desert land of Danakil Depression. We are dedicated to help customers explore the untouched natural beauty and wide cultural riches of this gifted land with unforgettable experiences every hour of the day. Many prominent tour companies from all over the world work together with us to offer the highest quality service. Our 100+ travel experts cumulatively have a vast experience in offering meticulously planned tours to Ethiopia and around. Our specialties include 600+ tours, air bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises and tailor-made itineraries.



Since the year 2000, Paradise Ethiopia Travel is represented in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by the highly reputed marketing and representation company African Dreams – Brigitte Dorothee Waltzinger ( Paradise Ethiopia Travel has been the winner of National Tourism Award for several consecutive years. We are the founder and president of the Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA) ( and also the founding member of Skal Addis Ababa Club ( ). We are also a proud member of ASA - Association of German Tour Operators for Africa ( , JATA – the Japan Association of Travel Agents (, and APTA – the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa ( .


Tour Operation Team

Fitsum Gezahegne
Founder & Managing Director
Marta Burnuo
Marketing Coordinator
Amanuel Gezahegne
Tour Coordinator
Desta Asfaw
Tour Coordinator
Kalabe Ayele
IT Manager
Samson Ashenafi
Tour Guide
Tour Guide
Habtamu Teferiae
Tour Guide
Bisrat Getachew
Finance Manger
Senait Walelegne
Girma Seifu
Driver Guide
Tadesse Shewaamne
Driver Guide

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