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Holidays in august in Ethiopia

In the month of August we have the biggest holidays in ethiopia like Buhe (Ge'ez: ቡሄ), Ashenda/Ashendiye/Solel.


Buhe (Ge'ez: ቡሄ)

Ethiopia is truly a place of great culture and celebrations. One worth witnessing is Buhe which is celebrated on August 19 of every year. Religiously the day marks the transfiguration of Jesus on mount Tabor. The celebration performed by young boys and men all over Ethiopia is breathtaking and exciting to watch in Addis Ababa and at the regional states. It represents the approach of bright weather and the end of the rainy season.The day known as hoya hoye is stunning particular special event of young boys and men. They go from one house to another in their neighborhood making specialized poems to praise the household owners and express their good wish for the upcoming Ethiopian New Year. It’s tradition to hold a stick as an instrument. The children make the sound by hitting the ground with it while they sing following the lead singer in a rhythmic way. The lead singer is selected from the group for his good voice. After the group finishes praising the household owners they will be awarded and given appreciations by homemade breads (mulmuls) or money as they leave blessing the families in the household.



It is a cultural celebration associated with northern Ethiopia especially to the Tigray and Amhara regional states. It is uniquely female as it is reserved for girls and young women. It is a yearly event during which the target group engage in different fun activities including drumming, dancing and socialization. It usually takes place between August – September. Participants are usually adorned in dresses with elaborate embroidery, jewelry and hair styles. It last from a minimum of three days and could also stretch for weeks. Some reports add that it signifies the end of a fasting period known as called filseta. The most known name of the festival is “Ashenda” which is the name for a tall grass that the girls usually tie around their celebration gowns as a type of decoration. The main festival every year is held in Mekelle. Other names for the festival include: Shadey, Ashendye, Solel, Mariya etc.

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