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Best Places to visit in december in Ethiopia

In the month of December we have the biggest holidays in ethiopia like Hidar Tsion Mariyam, Kulbi Saint Gebrial Festive.


Hidar Tsion Mariyam

This is one of Ethiopia’s largest festivals. In the days leading up to the event on December, thousands of pilgrims arrive and sleepy Aksum truly awakens. Celebrations start in front of the Northern Stelae Field, where the monarchs of the Orthodox church line the steps and watch performers in the street below. For an unforgettable experience make your way to the compound of the St Mary of Zion church between 1am and sunrise on the day of the festival and witness a sea of white-robed pilgrims curled up asleep. Standing among the slowly shifting sea are a few scattered priests reading by candlelight.

Sanit gebreal

Kulbi Saint Gebrial Festive

The small town of ‘Kulubi’ which is meant in Affan Oromo garlic got its prominence by this Orthodox Christian Church since the time of Emperor Menilik. In Ethiopia, pilgrimage sites are common in most parts of the country, among these pilgrimage sites; the Kulubi St. Gabriel. The St. Gabriel Kulubi is celebrated in December and July every year. St Gabriel is celebrated annually by followers of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia. Kulubi Gabriel Church, near Harare, is the most popular place for the Orthodoxies. On December 29 many tourists joined the tens of thousands of the faithful alike gather in the small town of Kulubi to observe the grand Millennium St. Gabriel Day. On the day a great number of believers from every corner of the country flocked to St. Gabriel Church. More over faithful of other religions as well as members of different nationalities annually flocked to this religious place to give thanks and get blessings at the Church. The type of pilgrimage made to Kulubi reflects the remarkable diversity and complexity of Ethiopian cultures and religions. As an important centre of faith healing and votive offerings, the Faithful brought with them silet (Vow) to St. Gabriel for his having delivered their Children from afflictions and disabilities. Though the miracles attributed to St. Gabriel of Kulubi are many and varied the largest percentage relates in one way or another to Children. Many factors combine to give the celebration of the feast of St. Gabriel at Kulubi its special character, history, geography, and religious beliefs all play important roles. The site on which the Church is built has been a pivotal spot in the history of the region through peace and war for many years.

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