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Holidays in november in Ethiopia

In the month of November we have the biggest holidays in Ethiopia like Hidar Michael: Annual Feast of The Archangel St. Michael.


Hidar Michael: Annual Feast of The Archangel St. Michael

According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, feast days remembers a particular event from the holy bible or other written books with miracles performed by a particular angel or saint. Thus the annual feast of The Archangel St. Michael on Hidar 12 (November 21) is specifically in remembrance of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt with the help of the angel according to the church. annual Feast Of Archangel Saint Michael. Ethiopia 4 St. Michael (Kidus Mikael in Amharic) is believed to be the head of heavenly host, who stands beside the throne of God, guardian of the soul of saints and martyrs and interceding on behalf of human. The paintings of St. Michael in the Orthodox churches of Ethiopia, portrays the angel beautifully as the commander of angels wearing graceful worrier attire with sparkling long sword on his hand. In addition to the Holy Bible, there is a holy book which contains the miracles of St. Michael which devotees revere fervently and believe the continuation of these kinds of miracles to happen in their own life because of the interceding. On the annual feast of the archangel St. Michael a special mass held at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church dedicated by the angels name. The replica of Ark of the Covenant taken from the Holy of Holies and presented to the procession inside the church compound. Mentioning the miracles The Archangel St. Michael operated in prayers, sermons and hymns which inspires women’s joyous and celebratory ululate.

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